Gratitude: A Key to Manifesting Our Heart’s Desires

Gratitude is not just an enjoyable state to be in – it also happens to be one of the most resourceful states we can access for attracting what we want into our lives!


“The researchers at the Institute of HeartMath have found that in the English Language the words ‘gratitude and appreciation’ are the two words that best describe the optimum feeling that we can have in our hearts that create that coherence between the heart and the mind-the heart and the brain, in other words, in every moment of every day our heart is sending a signal to our brain and it’s either flooding our bodies with life-affirming or life-denying chemistry. Gratitude and appreciation are the words that describe the feeling that sends the optimal signals to our brain to tell our brain to give us the powerfully enhanced immune system and DHEA levels that are sky high. And this is what’s been documented under laboratory conditions.”
– Gregg Braden, excerpt from a discussion held on 1/6/08 evening radio talk show, “Coast to Coast”

“Appreciation (another word for gratitude) and self-love are the most important things that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source energy of anything that we have ever witnessed! When you are appreciating or when you are loving or when you are acknowledging the value of something, you are in that moment a vibrational match to the Source
that is truly you.”
– from Ask and It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks, p. 103

Oprah Winfrey was on to something when she started a daily ìGratitude Journal and encouraged her viewers to do the same. It turns out the state of gratitude is one of the most powerful attitudes we can cultivate for our physical health, spiritual well-being as well as a means for super-charging the Law of Attraction to manifest our deepest, most heartfelt desires.

Scholar and visionary Gregg Braden has studied spirituality in indigenous cultures as well as modern quantum physics and his research has led him to the conclusion that ìcoherent, heartfelt gratitude is the language of The Divine Matrix” (or ìThe Fieldî, or whatever you choose to call the vast energy of potential all around us.) He maintains that in order to manifest our wishes as quickly and efficiently as possible we should imagine what we want in the present tense, with genuine, heartfelt gratitude, as though it’s already happened, already a done deal! His book The Divine Matrix is full of examples of gratitude in action.

Lynne McTaggart is a science reporter and author of many intriguing books including The Field and also The Intention Experiment, which examines the best, most effective techniques for manifesting our desires as evidenced by scientific study. Numerous experiments have led her to the conclusion that experienced meditators are the most effective at sending a successful intention. Yet another reason to discipline ourselves to meditate regularly!

As a student of manifesting and intention, I have studied Braden and McTaggart’s work extensively. I’ve combined their research and recommendations for effectively using the Law of Attraction in our daily lives here:

1. Be Happy! For best results, send intentions when you are feeling happy, healthy and centered.

2. Create an Intention Space. Make it a ìsacred spaceî very comfortable to you. It can also be a ìvirtualî space (i.e. a place in your imagination.) Ionized air and natural environments are very conducive to sending Intentions.

3. If Possible, Use the Same Space Every Time. The energy there will become coherent, conditioned, and more and more conducive to successful results.

4. Meditate to Get to the Alpha/Theta Brain Wave State. Quiet your mind by focusing on an ìanchorî such as your breathing, counting repetitively, drumming or chanting to get yourself to a very centered, relaxed, calm, resourceful state.

5. Peak Awareness — Become the Observer. Once relaxed, develop mindfulness by tuning in to the part of you that transcends the chatter of your thoughts – the ìObserver,î or your Higher Self. This is the peak state for sending an effective Intention (and a good state to live from as much as possible!)

6. Set Your Intention and Make it Specific. Focus on the detailed, successful end-result you desire. See it and intend it as specifically as possible.

7. Send Unconditional Love and Compassion to Your Intention. Whether your intention involves healing for another person or manifesting a goal, connect with it by sending positive feelings of love to it. Get onto the same wavelength; generate empathy for and merge with the object of your Intention.

8. FEEL the End Result Now, with Gratitude. Mentally feel the feelings of your desired end result, and radiate gratitude at having manifested your goal, as if it’s already happened. Visualize, in vivid detail, your intention as a done deal, as current established fact. If possible, spend at least 20 minutes daily in this focused state. You can work up to this gradually – 5 minutes is better than none at all.

9. Mental Rehearsal. If appropriate, as in sports or performance, mentally run through all the details of how your ideal successful performance would go. Your brain does not discern the difference between mental and actual rehearsal. (If your goal is not performance-related, skip this step.)

10. Move aside, and Don’t sweat the details! Leave the ìHowsî to forces greater than you. Surrender to the intelligence and power of the Universe to do all the manifesting in all the best, most efficient and powerful ways.

11. Give Back. Giving charitably is not only personally gratifying, it also seems to accelerate the flow of abundance coming back to us. True generosity has a very high, magnetic, loving vibration.

Less crucial to the process, but also helpful: Try to send intentions when the weather is turbulent or when geomagnetic activity is high — when the ìKî index is at 5 or more (also referred to as a “noisy” sun.) This info. is readily available on the internet — just Google ìK indexî for daily forecasts.

And lastly — Believe! What’s possible in life seems to be governed by whether or not you truly believe it’s possible. Examine your deepest-held beliefs and determine if they are blocking your goals and intentions. If they are impeding you, change them with intention, EFT, NLP, Energy Medicine, Psych-K, One Command or whatever modality works best for you. Challenge your own self-imposed limits. Doubt your limitations. Expect miracles!

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