How to Have a Near Death Experience Without Almost Dying

It seems to me that if anyone has direct knowledge about the meaning of life and what awaits us on the Other Side, Near-Death Experiencers do.


Much of my spirituality is informed by the many Near-Death Experience (ìNDEî) accounts I have read over the years. No, their stories cannot be verified scientifically or proven in a court of law, but to me the stories have enough consistency to have credibility. Also, the wisdom these people share resonates with me at a gut level, and, like anyone who takes something on faith, I simply ìknowî the insights Iíve gleaned are true at least for me.

People who die and come back to life are fundamentally changed. Long-term relationships sometimes end and career focus changes as the person struggles to reorient themselves to earthly life in light of their new perspective. Often their old life seems extraordinarily mundane after glimpsing ìwhat itís all about.

Ultimately, these changes reflect the quantum spiritual growth that can happen in an instant when one is exposed to the energy and intelligence of ìthe Other Side.î It seems to be a sort of flash-Enlightenment as the NDEíer is suddenly able to see this life with clarity for what it really is.

Another interesting phenomenon reported is that people who hear or read NDE accounts without ever experiencing an NDE can reap some of the same spiritual shifts and benefits vicariously, just by exposure to their energy and wisdom. I can attest to being better able to keep the ìsmall stuffî in perspective in light of the knowledge Iíve gleaned from my NDE studies, and most of the time I remember to make Love and kindness priorities in my life.


Many NDEíers have expressed that life on earth is a “test,” and our thoughts, words and actions will be assessed in terms of how much we were able to live our true nature: Uncondtional Love. Following is a list of insights about spirituality from the perspective of the NDE’er, and what are considered to be the elements of a truly successful life. You, too, can benefit from the insights gained during the NDE without actually having one!

Thoughts, words and actions considered most valuable on the Other Side are those which express Love in the purest and most unconditional manner possible. Often itís the little spontaneous things we do out of genuine kindness and Love that have the greatest effect.

Our actions either do or do not enhance positive spiritual growth.

We are very powerful spiritual beings. There are no insignificant lives. Even our “little” deeds can have a powerful effect on others as well as profound ripple effects, though we may be completely unaware of it.

All of our actions have an effect on the evolution of our soul and the evolution of the souls of those around us.

Karma is real — we receive back what we give out.

It is nearly impossible to forgive others if we cannot forgive ourselves.

Mistakes are an acceptable part of being human, for it is through our mistakes that we learn. As long as we try to do whatís right, we will be on the right path. If we make a mistake, we should fully recognize it as a mistake, ask for forgiveness, put it behind us, and simply try not to make the same mistake again.

The overwhelming consensus among NDEers is that Love is supreme. Love is where we came from, and Love is where we will return. We ARE Love. Learning about Love is what life is all about.

Love is God.

Life on earth is like being in school, and our lessons in life are mostly about Love, Compassion, Kindness and Forgiveness.

A simple, heartfelt smile has the power to start a chain reaction of Love that can spread throughout the entire world and alter the course of history.

The Love you give to others is equal to the Love you will have when you die.

Life is like a big test in our ability to Love, and we will ìgradeî ourselves during our life review.

We need negative experiences as well as positive ones in life in order to learn. To know joy, we must know sorrow.

We come to earth to make mistakes, learn, grow and have a human experience.

All events in our lives are significant. Even those events which seem insignificant can bring us Enlightenment.

After having a life review, an NDEíer will know they are accountable for everything they do in life.

We should learn to understand ourselves from the perspective of many lifetimes of evolution and soul growth. It may take many lifetimes for the negative karmic debts we owe others to be dissolved, and for lessons to be truly learned.

Our life will be spiritually successful if we strive to always have a positive effect on others through our actions, words and thoughts.

Learning to Love others and ourselves unconditionally is the most important thing we can do in life.


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