About Us

Why We Are Here

The Mission of the Unconditional Love Connection is to present and explore unconditional love as the foundation and catalyst for every tool and system of thought that leads to healing, self-actualization, enlightenment, and spiritual growth. No matter where you are right now, you have the choice and ability to intentionally live your highest, best, happiest, healthiest, most successful and ideal life! There are many avenues, practices and tools that can lead you there. You are likely to resonate with some more than others. This site is an ongoing study, exploration and presentation of the tools and systems of thought we have found to be the most effective in empowering people and reconnecting them to their natural state of being: unconditional love.

About Dena Przybyla

I am a freelance writer, visual artist and EFT practitioner. I have been a student of spiritual and metaphysical topics my entire adult life. The first subject that consumed my attention was the Near-Death Experience, or NDE. As I read account after account of peoples’ glimpses into the afterlife, my interest only grew. This information began to shape my views about the meaning of life and the notion that we all have a purpose for our time here on this planet. Love, compassion, forgiveness and the pursuit of knowledge are some of the highest things we can aspire to. Although I have never experienced an NDE, I have read so many accounts I almost feel as though I have. I’ve vicariously experienced some of the same cognition and attitude changes NDE’rs undergo, which has led to my belief that anyone can reap the positive benefits of the NDE just by studying them.

I became a Reiki Master in 2004 and still very much respect this healing modality. I learned about EFT in 2006 and was compelled to become a teacher/practitioner of this powerful technique. Theta meditation, shamanic journeying, intention and the power of belief all influence my process. I also use EFT in combination with NDE wisdom and other spiritual/metaphysical concepts.
Each of us has tremendous untapped potential and there are many ways to unlock it — but the most powerful healing and growth catalyst of all is unconditional love.

About Mark Blair

I have been a seeker most of my life. For the middle 25 years I was focused on my career in computers and put little energy into “seeking”. Several years ago I had a life-changing experience that I characterize as a true “awakening.” The result was an opening of my heart and mind to all possibilities. This energy has been my drive to understand our role as human beings on this planet and to discover how consciousness, enlightenment and unconditional love relate to that role.

Shortly after this experience, I became interested in shamanism, and have integrated much of that philosophy into my life. I have always felt a connection with nature and the shamanic path felt like the right way for me to continue learning about life. While my style and beliefs can best be described as “eclectic”, the energy of shamanic practice keeps me grounded in the world, to people and to nature much as a Siberian or South American shaman is in their tribal practice.

Writing has become an integral part of my life. I fully believe that words are powerful and can be used in various ways. One quote I love that’s been attributed to many authors is “People may not remember exactly what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” My goal is to write a few words that will make people feel in ways that open them up to all of the possibilities, as was I years ago.

I continue to be a seeker in various ways. My interests span alternative healing, spiritual epiphanies, oneness and separation, consciousness and unconditional love. I even delve into the esoteric things such as mysticism, UFOs and extraterrestrials. While the believers struggle to produce scientific evidence proving these things beyond a shadow of a doubt, the skeptical arguments are not entirely dissuasive. My experiences in this world have included many strange things, so I keep an open mind.

My goal is to continue searching, learning, writing and putting good energy into this website. I don’t have answers for people. I share my thoughts and experiences with the hope that they may be a catalyst to help others along their own path of seeking. It’s not about the final destination, which I accept is something that I won’t fully understand. It’s about the gratitude that I have for the journey. Every step, every stone, every flower along that journey contains a potential epiphany.

Why “The Crying Shaman”?

For many years, I carried this nickname, a name given to me to reflect the deep compassion I feel for people who struggle in search of themselves. It also symbolizes the elation I feel when they discover who they really are!

Through the artistic talents of my True Love, Dena, the Crying Shaman logo was born, integrating the spirit and compassion of an eclectic Shaman.

About Unconditional Love Connection

Dena and Mark both live in the Seattle, WA area. Our awareness of a True Love connection has made us Study Partners in Unconditional Love, spiritual growth and enlightenment. We have collaborated in workshops, circles and the creation of several healing CDs. Most importantly, we have helped people become conscious of their true power.

For us, Unconditional Love is the basis on which prayers, intentions, healing and energy work are most effective.  An awareness and a connection with Unconditional Love allows the spirit to connect to the vast power of the Universe in ways that can be used by people for the Highest Good.

When people are touched by Unconditional Love, energy moves, shifts happen, and lives change.

It is this space of Unconditional Love that allows people to grow. The mission that we have set out on is to create that space for the people and community that we serve.