Dena, my True Love, and I often work in coffee shops. These “virtual offices” provide us with a space where we are surrounded by the good energy of other human beings with which we share this planet.  It’s an amazing place to study awareness, or more specifically, unawareness.

A simple definition of awareness is that it is “unconsciousness resulting from a lack of knowledge or attention” which I like because it includes the concept of consciousness. I believe that the more aware we are, the higher our consciousness. You can find no better examples of this than in a coffee shop.

One coffee shop I work in is quite small, perhaps room for eight or ten people. On this particular day there were a half-dozen people working. This is also a very quiet place so it’s easy to hear other people when they talk. I began to hear a conversation that a person was having with some kind of technical support person on her phone. The two noticeable things were that she had her speaker phone on and she was slowly and clearly telling the person on the line what her username and password were for logging on to an online service. No doubt, everyone in the coffee shop could hear this conversation.

Did this person not know that we could hear her every word? And was this typical behavior for her when she was out working in a public place? It was a mystery to me then and even now as I experience unawareness in people when I’m out in public places.

I suspect that part of this is related to being distracted with what we are doing. My earlier post on distraction talked about ways we keep ourselves from focusing on the important things. Perhaps this person was so focused on her discussion with tech support that she tuned out all other awareness.

“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself”, said Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist who created Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. One may think that awareness is paying attention to what is going on around the person. But self-awareness allows us to observe ourselves and how we are relating to our current surroundings.

Dena and I practice being in our Watcher state. The Watcher is that part of us which exists at a higher-vibration and is able to observe our behavior and feelings while the active part of us is reacting to a situation. It allows us to look at ourselves and ask such questions as “Is this really how I wish to react in this situation?” and “How else could I react that is more conscious, mindful and for the highest good?” The Watcher is aware of everything around us and our internal feelings and reactions, and it does this without judgement.

You could say that our Watcher is that third-party perspective of any situation, aware of all aspects of a situation. It gives us more options to react without stepping on our free will. It also helps us to see options that are more in line with being a conscious human being. When we have more options, we can choose better ways to react to the world.

Wayne Dyer says in a recent blog post that “The highest level of awareness is one in which the self-actualized person does not notice appearances and sees only the unfolding of God in each person encountered.” The more aware we are of that Universal energy within us, the more we are aware of it in others, and the fact that it is continually in a state of unfolding.

What does this have to do with divulging sensitive information over a speaker phone in the middle of a coffee shop? When our self-awareness is connected with all that is around us and we ask ourselves “What would be for the highest good here and now?” we will have more choices than being oblivious of the world and focused on our own moment.

An interesting thing is that you may actually get the sense that being on your speaker phone is for highest good. Perhaps someone within earshot needs to hear something you have to say. The workings of the Universe are still a mystery to me, but as Dena and I have experienced over and over, heeding those little nudges from the Universe can create some amazing experiences. As we like to say, “Life is interesting!”

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