Choices Resource State Tapping

Lately I’ve been really taken with a method of EFT tapping called “Choices Resource State Tapping,” developed by Patricia Carrington.

“The Choices Method” itself has been around since almost the beginning of EFT, also developed by Patricia Carrington. Instead of using an affirmation in the second half of the EFT Setup phrase, a Choice (intention) phrase is used, i.e. “Even though I have this anxiety, I CHOOSE to be calm and confident.

Choices Resource State Tapping takes the Choices Method to a whole new level. It draws upon the NLP concept of “Resources” — the idea that if you (or anyone else) has done something once, even for just a few moments, it is possible for you to draw upon that experience as a Resource and do it again, amplifying this ability or quality in yourself

Patricia Carrington gives the following example. She was working with a woman (we’ll call her “Julie”) with a severe public speaking fear. The fear was becoming more and more of a problem for Julie, for in order to draw in more clients and excel in her work, she needed to be able to speak in front of groups.
Patricia first asked Julie if she had ever done well at public speaking, even one time. (Any positive experience – even a book report given with great success back in the 5th grade – could be drawn upon as a Resource.)

Julie said no. Never in her life had she even once had a positive experience with public speaking.

Carrington then asked her if there was anyone in her life who did really well at public speaking, someone whom she admired and knew personally.

Julie thought for a moment, and then said no. There was no one in her personal circle who embodied these qualities.

So then Carrington asked Julie if there was anyone in the public eye she admired for their public speaking ability. Julie immediately answered, “Gary Craig, the founder of EFT!” It turned out Julie had seen a number of his training DVD’s, and greatly admired his casual, relaxed public speaking style, the way he presented valuable information with humor and ease.

And so Julie had her resource! Carrington then helped her to formulate the following tapping setup phrase:

“Even though I have this public speaking fear, I CHOOSE to be able to speak in public with the ease and flair of Gary Craig.”

They followed this with one round of the negative reminder phrase: “This public speaking fear.”

They then alternated negative and positive at each point, i.e. “This public speaking fear,” and, “I CHOOSE to speak in public with the ease and flair of Gary Craig.”

And finally, they finished with one round of all positive tapping: “I CHOOSE to speak in public with the ease and flair of Gary Craig.”

(NOTE: In Carrington’s original Choices method, the alternating round was done last. I personally find it more effective to do the tapping as described here, first clearing the negative, then alternating negative and positive, and moving into the all-positive round only after all of the negative has been cleared out.)

A short time later, Julie received an invitation to speak about her business in front of a group of peers and prospective clients. Much to her own amazement, she accepted the invitation, which in itself was a miracle!

The day of the talk, she was composed and focused. She gave her talk – her first one ever – to an audience of 100 people! Afterward, members of the audience approached her and congratulated her on giving such a wonderful talk.

This is just one example of the ways in which Choices Resource Tapping can be life-changing. Why does it work? I believe that since we are all connected energetically, we all have the ability to tap into each others’ fields, as well as the morphogenetic fields of human potential all around us. Our systems draw parallels to the existing energy matrices created by others. Before Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute barrier in running the mile, nobody thought it could be done. After he did it, several more runners did it within the year. Now, 4 minute miles are routine in the running world.

Every time a person succeeds at something, the energy matrix of that achievement grows stronger. Add Choices Resource State Tapping to the process, and our learning becomes even more accelerated. And in accelerating our own growth, we make these states more available to others.

Who knows what’s possible├ľ Could someone tap into and take on some of the charisma of Oprah Winfrey? The innovative genius of Steve Jobs? The business sense of Warren Buffet?

Start tapping, and let me know what happens!

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