I’ve been thinking for some time about distractions. It seems like our lives are full of distractions. The dictionary definition of a distraction is “something that draws attention away from something else.” The question then may be, what is our attention being drawn away from?

I haven’t had a TV for years and I haven’t missed it. At one point in my life, the TV came on when I got home and stayed on until I went to bed. It didn’t even matter what was on. I could have the Weather Channel on all night and not really notice. Something in me needed to fill up a space.

If I had an hour to kill, I needed to fill it with something. What is interesting is to notice that what I may have often filled that space with was really a waste of time. It was truly “filler” in the sense that it had no purpose other than to fill that space in me.

Move forward from that time to now. No TV and fewer things to act as a filler. I have a lot of space in my life to ponder, meditate, and to just let energies in that I’ve drawn to me. When I am truly in this space, amazing things happen. I am able to draw fun situations to me. I am able to be present and connected with Dena, My True Love. I get little insights that help me understand myself.

All of which makes me think of another definition I’ve discovered for distraction. A distraction removes or reduces the traction we had in a certain direction. Dis-traction. In my life, I would interpret this as moving away from a path that allows me to understand myself.

When I have traction is when I allow space to open up in me and be filled with good energy and understanding. Dis-traction moves me away from that and fills up the space so nothing else can get in. For a good amount of my life, I feel like I was quite the master at dis-traction. Only recently can I say that I’m more about traction.

I also have a belief in balance, so I don’t feel like moving into a cave or onto a mountaintop to contemplate life. There are times when I want to watch a movie or TV show on the Internet. But it feels more like a choice now instead of a compulsion.

That is really where I want to be. In a space where I choose in what space I want to be. Not guided by ego or some primitive safety mechanism to behave in a certain way. To me, the ability to recognize that I have a choice and the ability to consciously make a choice is a step on the path to enlightenment (whatever that ends up being).

So, my intention is to consciously choose either traction or dis-traction, and to be able to step back into my Higher Self and know the difference.

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