Insights from the Near Death Experience of Anita Moorjani

I have read many NDE (near-death experience) accounts over the years, but few even come close to Anita Moorjani’s. She had her experience while in a coma on her death bed with stage four cancer. During the experience, she “remembered her magnificence” beyond the human form.

She resolved to come back, share what she’d learned and live the rest of her life fearlessly and joyfully. Fully aware of the magnificence of her True Self, when she returned to her human body, her cancer healed rapidly and miraculously. Anita’s book, Dying to Be Me, is filled with spiritual and metaphysical insights about what’s possible here on earth. Here are some of the highlights of what Anita learned in “the other realm” and returned to earth to share with us:


You are a powerful and magnificent being.

On the other side, you feel pure, unconditional love — like nothing we have here.

We are surrounded by loving, helpful, spiritual beings while on earth; they are always around us, even when we don’t know it.

We are very, very loved, no matter how it may seem here. We do not have to do anything to “prove” ourselves to be deserving of this love. We are inherently, unconditionally loved and cherished.

We ARE the energy of Love; so is the Unified Field all around us.

Love yourself unconditionally. All too few people seem to do this here on earth, mainly because we aren’t taught to do so by parents, schools, etc.

Be yourself fearlessly. (Once you realize your magnificence, you realize there is nothing to fear.)

Human life is a gift to experience, cherish and learn from.

Everything is connected in/as One Unified Field.

In the other realm, we are telepathic, empathic energy beings, connected by this Field.

“God” is something that is within us and within every living being on this planet.

“God” is the Oneness, the Zero Point Field. It is a force that precedes everything; it is the Source and base of who we are and of all things.

The amount of love in the other realm is almost overwhelming, more than anything experienced on earth. From that perspective, you see how powerful you are and the amazing possibilities that exist for us during a physical lifetime.

Miracles are possible in your life every day.

Be aware of your inner self talk; cultivate loving and positive messages.

How we feel about ourselves is more important than repeating affirmations by rote or forcing “positive thinking.”

Be honest with yourself and your true feelings; don’t suppress them or bottle them up. Feel them and let them pass through.

That which you are seeking (through intention), you already ARE.

When you need answers, turn within and be open to guidance and intuition.

Follow your own unique path, which is different from everyone else’s. Follow your heart.

Suspend rigid beliefs and open up to the universe, to what’s possible — to the unknown and the unexpected.

Focus on being your full, authentic self here, in this world (rather than seeking to leave this world for other realms.) We are here to create heaven on earth, and it’s possible for each and every one of us.

Everything going on in our lives is dependent upon our energy.

Illness must heal at this energetic level to truly heal. We all have access to the same healing forces that Anita reconnected with in the other realm.

Love every part of yourself — ego, intellect, body, spirit. Every aspect of yourself is from the Divine.

All things and all people are “energy.” Depending upon where your energy level is, that is the world you create for yourself.

Enjoy yourself and your life.

Don’t take life too seriously! Laugh often, especially at yourself.

Look at the emotions behind everyday decisions and actions. Do things based upon true passion and a zest for living; avoid doing anything out of obligation or fear.

Because time is fluid and everything is happening at once, right now, the past can be changed in the present moment, and future potentials can be accessed. On some frequency, your ideal future is happening right now. Focus on tuning into it, just as you would tune into a favorite radio station.

Live in the moment, not in or from your mind. Your consciousness is much greater than just your limited human mind.

Your life is a culmination of your thoughts and beliefs up to this point. The world is a culmination of mass consciousness — of everyone’s thoughts and beliefs — but we can make changes for the better and the highest good of all.

All possibilities exist simultaneously. What “happens” depends upon which potential you choose or resonate with.

Nothing is “real” or set in stone — only our beliefs about “reality” make it so.

Once you start believing something is possible, you begin to bring it into your awareness and it starts becoming true for you. As much as you can, believe in positive things; whatever you believe, you will find that you are correct.

All people (and things) are interconnected. How you feel within affects your experience of the world, the universe. If you are at peace, the whole universe is peaceful.

Everyone’s purpose is to live “heaven on earth” using this understanding of their innate magnificence.

The NDE caused Anita to see beyond the illusion; the body was not the real Anita, and cancer was also just an illusion. She saw how loved she was and recognized her own magnificence. Once she made the decision to live and came back, the physical body reflected this “new found” state and healed.

Many people are at exactly the right place internally for this sort of shift to take place (remembering their magnificence), and they don’t have to have an NDE for it to happen. If you’re reading this, it probably applies to you.

Once you integrate these insights, it’s hard to “go back” to living with a belief in limitation, lack or that you could ever be “unsafe” in any way. Yes, this “form” (body) has a limited life span and certain parameters, as all forms do. However, the truth of who you are will persist after death and cannot ever be destroyed. You are unlimited, indestructible consciousness — Oneness.

Anything is possible in this energy of your True Self. Time and space are illusions and only as real as our beliefs make them. You are, in a sense, a “hybrid” while you are here, both physical and inter-dimensional. Why not enjoy this human experience and make the most of it? Live life to the fullest and from the heart; be kind to yourself and others. Find things to be grateful for each day, and be the most joyful and loving person you can!

Pick up a copy of Dying to Me online or at your favorite book store. It is published by Hay House and features a foreword by Anita’s mentor, Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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