The EFT Personal Peace Procedure

The Personal Peace Procedure is a powerful healing and personal development process you can do on your own at your own pace.

It was developed by the founder of EFT and is definitely worth the effort. As you work on it, you will feel your vibration rise as well as your levels of happiness, well-being and personal peace.

The steps are as follows:

1. Make a list of all the bothersome events of your life — preferably in a computer document so you can easily edit, cut and paste. It can take some time just to compile the list.

2. Give them all a 1-10 rating (10 is highest level of emotional intensity.)

3. List all the events in order from worst to least bothersome, with all the “10s” at the top of the list, then the “9s,” and so on.

4. Starting with the 10s, systematically apply EFT to a few events each day (maybe 2 to 5 each day) until you’ve gotten all of them down to “0s” (no negative emotion.) Working on all aspects of each event one by one can get the emotional charge of each memory down to a 0.

5. As you tap, new memories or concerns might come up; give them a number and add them to the list.

6. Tapping the worst items first takes advantage of “The Generalization Effect,” whereby neutralizing a very intense memory can filter down and neutralize less intense but related memories, and then you don’t have to tap on them directly. (Basically, it’s a time-saver!)

Tip: Flip through old photo albums to generate material to tap on; often seeing photos of ourselves at different ages can trigger
memories from different eras of life.

This process can take weeks or months to complete, but it is worth the effort! If you need a second set of ears in working through this process, consider booking a one on one session with a qualified EFT practitioner.

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