What I Learned About Unconditional Love from My Feline Friends

I understand well the concept of the cycle of life, but I wasn’t prepared to lose two of my best feline friends just a few weeks apart of each other. My True Love, Dena, lost her cat, Paul, a couple of months ago and one of my own cats, Elvis passed on just a couple of weeks ago. I still feel their loss and am often reminded of the great gifts they have given me. Not the least of which is a better understanding of unconditional love.

Acceptance Without Judging

No matter what my mood, both of my cat buddies were always happy to see me. They seemed to be happy for that moment and didn’t let any outside energies affect their experience of it. I felt like they just accepted who I was without letting my mood alter their perception and appreciation of me.

Expressions of Joy Without Reservation

All of a sudden I would see a streak of fur tear through the room with a toy in their mouth. They would spend a few minutes having great fun by themselves. Spontaneous and full out. When it was time for fun, they didn’t hold it in. When the urge hit, they would grab a toy and go. I envied them for that.

Expectation Without Attachment

Begging for a treat or attention was common, but when their expectation wasn’t met, they would walk away to have the next experience. They didn’t pout or hold a grudge. They enjoyed it whenever they received something they were begging for, but they didn’t let it ruin their day if they didn’t get it. It was as if they knew that there would be other opportunities.

Unconditional Gratitude

I felt like my cat friends were equally grateful for a head rub and a handful or treats. They didn’t express more gratitude for one over the other. They didn’t place more value on one over the other. Gratitude was just gratitude.

Cats Teach Me About Love

I have lived with cats for more than 30 years. All of them had unique personalities and each one taught me things. Often the lesson was about love. It’s a lesson I continue to learn. Underneath all of the challenges and frustrations in life, an attitude of love is a good foundation to have. There is nothing more important or resilient than love.

I miss my little feline buddies and think about them often.

I miss Elvis supervising me at my desk while I’m working. Or playing peak-a-boo from the bathroom doorway which elicited a meow each time I showed my head around the corner.

I smile thinking about Paul attacking and kicking his “rage rug”. Or the other-worldly “nom nom” sound he made when given his favorite chicken treat.

They gave my life great joy that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Regardless of what people think about cats in general, these two furry little guys made a mark on me and put a whole lot of love out into this world. That sounds like a good goal for any human to have, too.

Elvis      Paul

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